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"Wine, a gentle reminder to pause, breathe, and appreciate."

Deesse du Vin is a community of women in the wine industry, dedicated to providing support, networking, and empowerment. Our goal is to create a space where women can connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Déesse du Vin

We believe that true sustainability is achieved when a company creates long-term value for its customers, employees, and suppliers—and the environment.


We're building an increasingly innovative community that helps us communicate responsible consumption. As well as taking the next step to support Women, company and community-wide.


We have made it our mission to identify and mitigate the current and future negative environmental impacts associated with our ability to produce the product you love


We operate in the language of #MindfulIndulgence . It means enjoying treats or indulgences mindfully and intentionally, savoring the experience, being present in the moment, and making choices that are both ethical and sustainable.


Léoniea Société

Graphic of leoniea domaines award winning red wines. Bottles are lined up with a golden ribbon under them. The words to the right of the screen read Manhattan Tasting Room Coming Soon. To the right of the screen is the words Luxury Lifestyle Awards Winner.

A Community of Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts.

Your Invitation Awaits.

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