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How We Stand Out

in the Crowd

Commitment to sustainability

Léoniea is committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations, including using organic farming methods and eco-friendly packaging. This commitment to sustainability sets Léoniea apart from other luxury wine brands and demonstrates a dedication to creating a more environmentally friendly future.

Empowering women in the wine industry

Léoniea is dedicated to promoting gender equality and supporting women in the wine industry through initiatives such as the Beauty, Brains & Business entrepreneur grant and scholarship fund. This commitment to empowering women sets Léoniea apart from other wine brands and demonstrates a dedication to creating a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Exceptional quality wines

Léoniea's wines are crafted with a commitment to excellence and a focus on reflecting the unique terroir of each region. The winemakers at Léoniea carefully manage the grapes and implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process, ensuring that every bottle of Léoniea is of the highest quality. This commitment to exceptional quality sets Léoniea apart from other luxury wine brands and demonstrates a dedication to creating truly exceptional wines

Les Vins

Our signature wine is the La Deésse , a full-bodied red wine that has been aged to perfection; developing its complex and robust flavor profile. The Léoniea Chardonnay is a crisp and refreshing white wine, while the Léoniea Cherie is a delicate and aromatic rosé wine that is perfect for summer sipping.

Cabernet Franc

Are you a VIP?

"I really enjoyed the Bordeaux! You’re producing some wonderful wines!"

Stephanie.W|  Wine Consultant |Founder of "Black Women Who Are Proud Wine Snobs"


What Sets Us Apart



  • Léoniea's vineyards are located in several regions, including Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, and Michigan (USA).

  • We have a team of experienced winemakers who carefully monitor the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure the quality and consistency of our wines.

  • Yes, our vineyard is committed to sustainable farming practices. We use cover crops, natural pest management, and conserve water to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Yes, we have a wine club that offers exclusive access to our wines and vineyard events. Please visit our wine club page for more information.

  • The harvest season typically runs from August through October, depending on weather conditions and grape maturity.

  • Yes, we use high-quality oak barrels to age our wines and impart subtle flavors and aromas.

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Sourcing the land

Identifying and selecting suitable vineyard sites, based on factors such as climate, soil type, and exposure to sunlight.

Planting the vines

Establishing the vineyard by planting the grapevines, which can take several years to mature and produce fruit.


The process of picking the grapes from the vineyard.

Crushing and Destemming

Separating the grape berries from the stems and gently breaking the skins to release the juice.


The conversion of the grape juice into wine, which typically involves the addition of yeast to convert the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol.


 Separating the juice from the solids, such as grape skins and seeds.


Allowing the wine to mature in barrels or tanks, which can influence the flavor, aroma, and color of the wine.


The process of removing any remaining solids or impurities from the wine, such as through filtration or settling.


Filling the wine into bottles, which are typically corked or sealed with screw caps.

Aging in the bottle

Allowing the wine to age further in the bottle, which can result in further flavor development and complexity.

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It's All in the Details

Enjoy our brand's growth and commitment to quality and sustainability over the years, as well as its dedication to supporting women and celebrating the feminine spirit through its rebranding.

1700s -1970s

Family's Vineyards is founded in France by Rene and his parents.


CEO and Founder, Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, receives her granpere's vines after his passing. She then establishes the brand " Artemis Vines" in his honor; planting her first vines.


Artemis Vines Earns Luxury Lifestyle Award


2022 - The company sponsors a Beauty, Brains & Business entrepreneur grant and scholarship fund, dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses.

2023 - Artemis Vineyards announces a rebrand to Léoniea, inspired by the Goddess Léoniea who represents strength, empowerment, and femininity.

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