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Collector's Guild

3 bottles of wine per shipment, 4 shipments per year.

Grand Cru Society

12 bottles of wine per shipment, 1 shipment per year.

Imperial Cellar Society

Looking for more than a case? Contact us directly to get you enrolled.

Vintner's Circle

6 bottles of wine per shipment, 2 shipments per year.

Estate Grown

Léoniea wines are made from grapes that are grown in our beloved vineyards, located in Bordeaux, Champagne, and Michigan. By controlling the entire winemaking process from vine to bottle, Léoniea is able to ensure that its wines are of the highest quality and reflect the unique characteristics of each region's terroir. The estate-grown grapes are carefully tended to throughout the growing season, and only the best grapes are selected for use in Léoniea's wines.


With our wine club, you'll have the opportunity to explore the world of wine like never before, and discover new favorites that you can't find anywhere else. Join now and experience the ultimate wine experience!

New Wine Coming

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Embrace the Divine

What Sets Us Apart

Ms. World Intl   |  Global Pageant System

"Excellent taste… flavor and quality are top-tier! Our new favorite!"

Nothing but
Great Vines
Great Vibes

Recipes at your


Discover a wide range of delicious dishes that pair perfectly with our wines. From savory appetizers to hearty mains and decadent desserts, our recipes are curated to elevate your dining experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced chef, our easy-to-follow instructions will help you create a mouth-watering meal that will impress your guests. Get inspired, cook with our wines, and elevate your wine and food pairing game today!

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