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Léoniea Domaines

Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux in her vineyard Leoniea Domaines

A New Generation of Winemakers

Welcome to Léoniea Domaines, where a new generation of winemakers is redefining the art of winemaking. As a proud woman in the world of wine, I am thrilled to introduce you to our signature society, Déesse du Vin, a symbol of empowerment and elegance. With a blend of tradition and innovation, we are crafting wines that resonate with the modern palate while honoring the timeless elegance of the vine. Our commitment to sustainability, quality, creativity, and #MindfulIndulgence reflects a forward-thinking approach that embraces the future without losing sight of our roots. Join us as we explore new horizons in taste and elegance, and discover what it means to be a part of this exciting new chapter in the world of wine."


Best wishes,

Paradise Rodríguez-Bordeaux

Founder, Léoniea Domaines


La Déesse

La Déesse is one of our award-winning signature blends made from Merlot and the beautiful French-American in interspecific hybrid grape variety, Chambourcin. With its vibrant red color and supple mouthfeel, you will feel like the Goddess you are. La Déesse is aged in real oak barrels, imbuing the wine with aromas of earth, tobacco, and vanilla. This succulent dry wine pairs well with hearty main dishes like seared steak or pasta with red sauce. The acidity and lightness also makes a lovely counterpart to soft cheeses such as camembert and brie, or its favorite mate… chocolat.

"I really enjoyed the Bordeaux!

You’re producing some wonderful wines!"

Stephanie. W 

Wine Consultant 

Founder of

 "Black Women Who Are

Proud Wine Snobs"

Léoniea Domaines

Wine Club

A Community of

Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts.

Your Invitation Awaits.

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