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Léoniea Domaines Wine Club

Léoniea Société

Join the Léoniea Domaines Société wine club and become part of a story of Héritage, Innovation and Excellence

Welcome to Léoniea Société

Immerse yourself in the artistry and heritage of Léoniea Domaines through the exclusive Léoniea Société Wine Club. As a member, you'll gain unparalleled access to our most coveted and limited-production wines, each a masterpiece crafted with meticulous care and expertise. Léoniea Société is more than a wine club—it's a community of discerning enthusiasts who appreciate that every bottle tells a story. From the nuanced terroir of our vineyards to the visionary techniques of our winemakers, every sip unveils a tapestry of passion and craftsmanship. As a member, you'll receive regular allotments of our finest wines, customized to your preferences. Gain access to rare vintages, special formats, and new releases before they reach the public. Enjoy bespoke cellar consulting, exclusive event invitations, and VIP experiences that place you at the heart of the Léoniea Domaines legacy. With membership levels catering to your unique desires, from the esteemed Imperial Cellar to the prestigious Grand Cru Society, you'll unlock a world of privileges and personalized service. Engage with our winemakers, tour our sustainable vineyards, and raise a glass alongside fellow connoisseurs who share your passion. Discover the essence of luxury, artistry, and community with Léoniea Société Wine Club.

Sois Notre Invité


Imperial Cellar

Enjoy tier specific benefits

Collector's Guild

Enjoy tier specific benefits

Vintner's Circle

Enjoy tier specific benefits

Grand Cru Society

Enjoy tier specific benefits


Hello Darling,

When signing-up to the wine club we ask for a few details.

To validate and secure your credit card details a token amount of $0.15usd  will be charged and refunded within 3 to 5 working days.

Existing Account? If you have already created an account on our new website please log-in to My Account and join the Société Wine Club from your dashboard.

Important Note: You must be over the age of 21 to sign up to the wine club and purchase wine.

Léoniea Société

A Community of Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts.

Your Invitation Awaits.


Tier Specific Benefits

  • Tier specific shipments of bottles of wine

  • Access to tier specific wine portfolio

  • Customized cellar consultation and management services

  • Personalized wine collections curated by Léoniea's team

  • Business preferred pricing and access to limited-production

  • Complimentary tastings for up to for guests

  • Credit for cost of shipping

  • VIP seating and service at events and dinners

  • Access to special bottlings and large formats

  • Access to the Reserve wine portfolio

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