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As a growing and innovative wine business, we at  Léoniea are all too aware of the risks associated with climate change and the dwindling resources businesses and communities increasingly face. We are also conscious of the impact product industries can have on the environment. That is why we have made it our mission to identify and mitigate the current and future negative environmental impacts associated with our ability to produce wines you love. Léoniea believes in a world where all people have access to the resources they need to thrive, and that means doing our part to be more sustainable. That's why we're taking an active role in addressing what we can.



We provide assurance that our products are environmentally friendly by:

  • Sustainably managing our sites and land activities to ensure minimal adverse environmental impacts, including those relating to biodiversity and communities.


  • Meeting the environmental obligations expected of our team members, partners, and other stakeholders.


  • Honoring our compliance obligations, including prevention of unnecessary pollution.


  • Identifying risks and opportunities; Evaluating the potential risks and aspects that are reasonable to plan, Eliminating potential risks as well as any aspects where reasonably practicable, Reducing the consequence/effect on the environment


  • Collaborating with other companies and partners, as well as our suppliers and industry, in order to make sure we're sourcing and procuring sustainable products.



  • 98% of all our packaging across the USA and Europe is already recyclable.

  • We're proud of the progress we've made toward reducing our carbon footprint, but we know there's a lot more to be done. That's why we're committing to take these next steps:

            1. We will partner with third-party organizations to conduct a comprehensive audit of our carbon emissions across all operations globally.

           2. We will use these findings to develop a strategy for reducing our emissions, including setting ambitious targets and timelines for achieving them.

We believe that every step we take towards sustainability will help make a difference for generations to come—and it makes good business sense too!


We won't stop innovating and we won't stop striving for excellence. Our constant drive for excellence means that we're never finished improving and are always working to stay ahead of the curve.

We're always collaborating to rise up to new industry requirements.

Observe ~ Empower ~ Conserve


Observing and Listening to increasing information changes around sustainability and industry growth. 


Empowering our community, with an emphasis on women in business and women's education


Consciously Conserving whether it be in our production methods or our messaging around consumers.

"Wine, a gentle reminder to pause, breathe, and appreciate."

Deesse du Vin is a community of women in the wine industry, dedicated to providing support, networking, and empowerment. Our goal is to create a space where women can connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Déesse du Vin

We believe that true sustainability is achieved when a company creates long-term value for its customers, employees, and suppliers—and the environment.


We're building an increasingly innovative community that helps us communicate responsible consumption. As well as taking the next step to support Women, company and community-wide.


We have made it our mission to identify and mitigate the current and future negative environmental impacts associated with our ability to produce the product you love


We operate in the language of #MindfulIndulgence . It means enjoying treats or indulgences mindfully and intentionally, savoring the experience, being present in the moment, and making choices that are both ethical and sustainable.


Léoniea Société

Graphic of leoniea domaines award winning red wines. Bottles are lined up with a golden ribbon under them. The words to the right of the screen read Manhattan Tasting Room Coming Soon. To the right of the screen is the words Luxury Lifestyle Awards Winner.

A Community of Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts.

Your Invitation Awaits.

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