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As a growing and innovative wine business, we at  Léoniea are all too aware of the risks associated with climate change and the dwindling resources businesses and communities increasingly face. We are also conscious of the impact product industries can have on the environment. That is why we have made it our mission to identify and mitigate the current and future negative environmental impacts associated with our ability to produce wines you love.

  We provide assurance that our products are environmentally friendly by:

  • Sustainably managing our sites and land activities to ensure minimal adverse environmental impacts, including those relating to biodiversity and communities.


  • meeting the environmental obligations expected of our team members, partners, and other stakeholders.


  • Honoring our compliance obligations, including prevention of unnecessary pollution.


  • Identifying risks and opportunities; Evaluating the potential risks and aspects that are reasonable to plan, Eliminating potential risks as well as any aspects where reasonably practicable, Reducing the consequence/effect on the environment


  • collaborating with other companies and partners, as well as our suppliers and industry, in order to make sure we're sourcing and procuring sustainable products.


  • Responding to environmental changes and staying ahead of the curve with operations activities that contribute to continual improvement.

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Deesse du Vin

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