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Hello Darlings,

We are excited to partner with individuals and organizations that share our passion for wine and our commitment to empowering with action. Apply today and become one of our cherished Brand Ambassadors!

Exclusive Perks
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Training and Education
Award-Winning Selections

Interested candidates are required to submit their applications through our designated platform or website. Applications typically include a resume or CV, along with any additional materials requested, such as a cover letter or portfolio showcasing relevant experience or skills.

Initial Screening

Once the applications are received, our human resources team conducts an initial screening to assess the candidates' qualifications, experience, and alignment with the brand values of Leoniea Domaines. This step helps narrow down the pool of applicants for further consideration.


Candidates who pass the initial screening may be invited for an interview. The interview may be conducted in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. During the interview, we assess the candidate's knowledge of wine, their understanding of our brand, their communication skills, and their ability to engage with others authentically.

Skills Assessment

Depending on the specific requirements of the role, candidates may be asked to complete a skills assessment. This could involve tasks such as creating sample social media content, conducting a mock wine tasting, or demonstrating their ability to engage with customers in a simulated scenario.

Reference Checks

As part of our due diligence, we conduct reference checks for candidates who have progressed through the previous stages. This helps validate the information provided by the candidates and gain insights into their previous work experiences and performance.

Final Selection

After considering all the information gathered during the selection process, a final decision is made regarding the appointment of brand ambassadors. Successful candidates will be notified and provided with further details regarding their role, responsibilities, and any necessary training or onboarding.

What is the process like?

At Leoniea Domaines, we value diversity, inclusivity, and excellence in our brand ambassadors. Our selection process aims to identify individuals who not only have the necessary skills and knowledge but also embody the essence of our brand and can passionately represent our exceptional wines to the world.

What Does A Brand Ambassador Do?

Immersive Events

As a brand ambassador, you will have the opportunity to represent Leoniea Domaines at exclusive events, wine tastings, and industry gatherings. By engaging with attendees, sharing your knowledge and passion for our wines, and providing memorable experiences, you help create brand awareness and leave a lasting impression.

Personalized Connections

As a brand ambassador, you will have the opportunity to interact with wine enthusiasts, answering their questions, providing recommendations, and sharing your personal experiences with Leoniea Domaines. By establishing genuine connections and building trust, you play a vital role in creating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing.

Inspiring Content Creation

As a brand ambassador, you will be encouraged to create compelling content that showcases the elegance, craftsmanship, and unique qualities of Leoniea Domaines. Through blog posts, videos, and other creative mediums, you can captivate your audience and inspire them to explore and appreciate our remarkable wines.

Genuine Enthusiasm

Your genuine passion for Leoniea Domaines and your ability to authentically share your experiences can have a significant impact on brand awareness. By embodying the spirit of our brand and expressing your enthusiasm through your interactions, you become a trusted advocate, spreading the word and generating interest among your personal and professional networks.

Be A Darling

The specific tasks and responsibilities may vary depending on the brand ambassador program and individual agreements with Leoniea Domaines. It is important to communicate with the brand or program managers to clarify the specific tasks and expectations relevant to your role as a brand ambassador.

You may review our FAQs for more details

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