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  • How does Léoniea ensure the quality of their wines?
    We have a team of experienced winemakers who carefully monitor the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure the quality and consistency of our wines.
  • Is Léoniea's vineyard sustainable?
    Yes, our vineyard is committed to sustainable farming practices. We use cover crops, natural pest management, and conserve water to minimize our environmental impact.
  • What is the harvest season for Léoniea's grapes?
    The harvest season typically runs from August through October, depending on weather conditions and grape maturity.
  • Are Léoniea wines aged in oak barrels?
    Yes, we use high-quality oak barrels to age our wines and impart subtle flavors and aromas. Some wines use Stainless Steel vats. This helps preserve the wine's freshness, vibrant fruit flavors, and natural acidity.
  • Does Léoniea offer wine club memberships?
    Yes, we have a wine club that offers exclusive access to our wines and vineyard events. Please visit our wine club page for more information.
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  • How often will I receive shipments as a wine club member?
    As a wine club member, you can choose from quarterly, bi-annual, annual, or "As you wish" shipments.
  • What is included in each shipment?
    Each shipment includes a selection of our hand-picked wines, chosen by our expert team
  • How much will each shipment cost?
    The cost of each shipment depends on the membership option you choose, as well as the cost of the wines, tax, and shipping. Prices start at $200 per shipment for quarterly members, $300 for bi-annual members, $500 for annual members, and $100 for "As you wish" members (with a minimum purchase of 3 cases per order).
  • Can I customize my wine club shipments?
    Yes, we offer customization options for wine club members. Simply let us know your preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
  • What are the benefits of joining the wine club?
    Wine club members receive exclusive access to our limited-release wines, as well as discounts on all purchases made through our website. Members also receive invitations to special events and tastings.
  • How do I cancel my wine club membership?
    To cancel your membership, simply contact our customer service team at least 30 days before your next shipment is due to be sent. Please note that membership fees are non-refundable.
  • Can I skip a shipment and receive it in the next round?
    Yes, you can skip a shipment and it will be moved to the next scheduled shipment. However, please note that membership fees are automatic and non-refundable, and wines will not roll over (IE: you will not receive 6 bottles instead of 3).
  • What is the difference between purchasing wine and joining the wine club?
    Purchasing wine is a one-time transaction while joining the wine club means paying a separate, non-refundable membership fee to gain access to exclusive pricing, events, and other perks. Non-member purchases do not have access to these benefits.
  • Do you offer rewards for wine club members?
    Yes, we offer a rewards program for all of our customers, including wine club members. Non-Members earn 1 point for every bottle of wine purchased and can redeem their points for credits on future orders. VIP wine club members earn 3x the rewards for every bottle purchased! It's just one more way we show our appreciation for our most loyal customers.
  • Do you sell to businesses/Can a business be a member?
    We aim to innovatively collaborate. While we cannot accept every offer, we are open to the idea. Send us an email at *Please put "Corporate Membership" in the subject box.
  • Where is Léoniea's vineyard located?
    Léoniea's vineyards are located in several regions, including Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, and Michigan (USA).
  • Does Léoniea offer wine club memberships?
    Yes, we have a wine club that offers exclusive access to our wines and vineyard events. Please visit our wine club page for more information.
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