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Léoniea™ Domaines Unveils “Chérie” Rosé

A Must-Have Wine for your Summer

Provence, May 2024 - Léoniea™ Domaines, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary wines, proudly unveils its latest masterpiece: "Chérie" Rosé. This exquisite semi-dry wine, predominantly Zinfandel-based, promises to be the quintessential summer delight for aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

Setting "Chérie" Rosé apart is its remarkable adaptability in culinary pairing. With a harmonious blend of flavors and a subtle touch of sweetness, this wine effortlessly complements an array of dishes, enhancing everything from crisp salads to succulent grilled seafood and even spicy cuisines. It's the ideal companion for any summer soirée or intimate dining affair, elevating every bite and sip to a sublime experience.

"Chérie" Rosé stands as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of innovation and excellence in winemaking," affirms Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, CEO & Founder of Léoniea™ Domaines. "Our aim was to craft a wine that not only tantalizes the senses but also creates lasting memories for our cherished patrons. With its embodiment of summertime allure, 'Chérie' Rosé is poised to captivate wine lovers worldwide."

This limited edition offering holds a cherished place among discerning wine connoisseurs. Its intricate flavor profile, boasting ripe berry notes, delicate floral hints, and a whisper of sweetness, reflects the meticulous grape selection and masterful blending techniques employed by Léoniea™ Domaines' artisans. Each bottle of "Chérie" Rosé represents a dedication to excellence and a passion for the craft.

"Chérie" Rosé will grace selected retailers and Léoniea™ Domaines' website from June 8, 2024. Enthusiasts are urged to secure their bottles promptly, as this exclusive release is anticipated to swiftly captivate hearts and palates alike.

About Léoniea:

Léoniea™ is a symbol of timeless elegance and refinement, embodying the grace and wisdom of historical goddesses. Our wines, crafted with meticulous artistry, offer a celebration of complexity, balance, and unparalleled quality. They are more than beverages; they are an experience that connects individuals to the essence of sophistication and life's most exquisite pleasures. As a leading advocate for gender equality and empowerment in the wine industry, Léoniea™ is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse wine community. Through innovative initiatives, mentorship programs, and strategic partnerships, we champion women's leadership and professional growth. Additionally, Léoniea™ donates 30% of its profits to women empowerment initiatives, reshaping the future of the wine industry; crafting a world where Heritage, Innovation, and Excellence invites you to Embrace the Divine.

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