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Wine Enthusiast

Introduction to the basics of wine, including varieties, regions, and basic tasting techniques. 

Additional Benefits

Skipping Levels

Assessment Score: An assessment score of 95% or above is required to skip levels. This ensures that you receive the most needed attention and progress based on your current knowledge and skills.

Flexibility and Additional Income Opportunities

Time Commitment: The program is designed to fit into your lifestyle and schedule. You decide how much time you want to invest based on your personal goals and how much you want to earn. Wine Tastings: Independent Wine Consultants can hold as many wine tastings as their schedule allows, from multiple events a week to just 1-2 per month. Virtual Tastings: You can also guide virtual wine tastings from the comfort of your home, streaming live to your host’s home.

WSET Certification and Internal Positions

After Level 3 WSET Certification: Consultants can apply for the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certification, which is a prestigious qualification in the wine industry. Internal Positions: After obtaining WSET certification, consultants can apply for internal positions such as: Sommelier: Expert in wine service and pairing. Wine Sales Manager: Oversees sales strategies and teams. Wine Educator: Conducts wine education and training programs. Other Specialized Roles: Various positions within the company that require advanced wine knowledge and skills.

No Recruitment Pressure

We’re not an MLM. No need to recruit others to grow. Focus on your passion for wine.

Ethical Marketing

  • Empowering consultants to choose their level of involvement.

  • Genuine interest and word-of-mouth drive our growth.

  • No hype or false promises—just the joy of sharing wine knowledge.

Fair Compensation

Earn commissions ranging from 3% to 40+%, based on your Vine Growth level.

  • How much additional income can I make?
    Starting out, you can earn a commission of 3%-35+%. You can earn team bonuses for birthdays and special holidays. Plus, there are even more bonuses for Vine levels. Compensation Nuances: At Leoniea™ Inc., we offer a competitive commission-based compensation structure with uncapped earning potential. The commission rates are based on the tiered structure of the accounts you close. The tiers are as follows: ● Tier 1: Up to and under $500 = 5% commission (EG: $500 commission for an account that costs $25,) ● Tier 2: Up to $1,000 = 10% commission (EG: $100 commission for an account that costs $1000) ● Tier 3: Up to $20,000 = 20% commission (EG: $4,000 commission for an account that costs $20,000) Additionally: ● Affiliates : 5% Commission =Monthly Minimum Avg of $2,700 USD ● Brand Ambassadors : $20 per hour (for Leoniea Domaines run events) + 3% commission = Monthly Minimum Avg of $3,500 USD ● Consultant : 10% Commission = Monthly Minimum Avg of $5,700 USD ● Sales Rep : $30,000 annually + 10% OR 20% = Monthly Minimum Avg of $3,500 USD ( $4,600 OR $5,400 ) ● Sommelier : $70,000 annually + 10% = Monthly Minimum Avg of $7,100 USD
  • Does Leoniea Domaines offer investment and grants if I want to start a wine boutique?
    Investment and Grants Leoniea Domaines offers a range of support options for individuals looking to start their own wine boutique. While specific details may vary, here are some common types of support that might be available: 1. Investment Opportunities Seed Funding: Leoniea Domaines may provide seed funding to help you get started with your wine boutique. This could be in the form of a direct financial investment to cover initial setup costs, inventory, and marketing expenses. Equity Investment: In some cases, Leoniea Domaines might offer equity investment where they invest capital in exchange for a stake in your business. This partnership can provide both financial support and ongoing business mentorship. 2. Grants Startup Grants: Leoniea Domaines might offer grants specifically designed for new entrepreneurs in the wine industry. These grants can help cover initial expenses, such as shop fitting, purchasing inventory, and promotional activities. Innovation Grants: If your business model includes innovative approaches to selling or promoting wine (e.g., a unique online platform, eco-friendly packaging, or experiential marketing strategies), you may be eligible for special grants aimed at fostering innovation in the wine industry. 3. Business Development Support Mentorship Programs: Access to experienced mentors within Leoniea Domaines who can provide guidance on business planning, operations, and marketing strategies. Training and Workshops: Opportunities to participate in advanced training sessions and workshops focused on entrepreneurship, business management, and the wine industry. Networking Opportunities: Invitations to exclusive industry events, trade shows, and networking gatherings where you can connect with potential partners, suppliers, and customers. 4. Marketing and Brand Support Co-Marketing Initiatives: Opportunities to participate in joint marketing campaigns and promotions with Leoniea Domaines, leveraging their brand recognition and customer base. Branding Assistance: Support with developing your boutique's brand identity, including logo design, branding materials, and marketing strategies.
  • Do I have to know a lot about wine?
    We have great wine resources for your Tastings that will guide you through the different wines you are presenting. We also have specific training to give you all the tools you need to help you feel comfortable and confident. No previous experience is required to join Level 1. For Levels 2 and 3, completion of the previous levels is necessary along with some hands-on experience.
  • Can I join the program part-time?
    Yes, the program is designed to be flexible to accommodate both part-time and full-time participants. Training sessions and events are scheduled to fit various lifestyles and commitments.
  • How exactly does Leoniea Domaines help me start my own wine business?
    Eligibility for Support from Leoniea Domaines To qualify for investment, grants, and other forms of business support from Leoniea Domaines, specific criteria and prerequisites apply. While Sales Representatives and Consultants are primarily positioned to receive such support, the program is designed to be inclusive, offering pathways for dedicated individuals across various roles. General Eligibility Criteria Completion of Foundational Training Candidates must have completed the foundational training in both wine knowledge and business fundamentals. Role Requirement: Must be at least a Wine Consultant. Experience Duration: Must have held the position of Wine Consultant for a minimum of 15 months. Performance Metrics: Must have achieved individual sales or performance goals for at least 50% of the months within the 15-month period. Detailed Eligibility and Support Pathways Ambassadors and Affiliates Eligibility for Training and Mentorship: Ambassadors and Affiliates can access training resources and mentorship programs to help them progress to the Consultant level. Pathway to Higher Support: Once they transition to a Consultant role and meet the required criteria, they become eligible for further support such as grants and investments. Consultants Training and Development: Access to advanced training, workshops, and mentorship programs to enhance their wine knowledge and business skills. Eligibility for Grants After 15 months as a Consultant with at least 50% goal achievement, they can apply for Leoniea Domaines grants. These grants can be used to start their own wine boutique or other wine-related businesses. Investment Opportunities: Qualifying Consultants can also pitch for seed funding or equity investment from Leoniea Domaines. Sales Representatives Sales Training and Resources: Ongoing sales training and access to resources that help improve sales strategies and customer engagement. Higher Commission Rates: Sales Representatives enjoy higher commission rates compared to other roles. Eligibility for Grants and Investment Similar to Consultants, experienced Sales Representatives meeting the performance criteria can apply for grants and investment opportunities. Specific Support for Starting a Wine Business Grants Purpose: Designed to support the setup of wine boutiques, including initial setup costs, inventory, marketing, and operational expenses. Application Process Requires a detailed business plan, proof of meeting the eligibility criteria, and a clear outline of how the grant will be utilized. Investments Seed Funding: Available for promising business ideas that align with Leoniea Domaines' values and market strategies. Equity Investment: Leoniea Domaines may take an equity stake in your business, providing capital in exchange for partial ownership, along with ongoing business mentorship. Additional Support Mentorship and Training: Continuous access to mentors and industry experts to guide you through the process of starting and running your business. Marketing Assistance: Support with branding, marketing strategies, and promotional campaigns to help establish and grow your business. Networking Opportunities: Invitations to exclusive industry events, trade shows, and networking opportunities to connect with potential partners, suppliers, and customers. Steps to Apply for Grants and Investment Ensure Eligibility: Confirm that you meet the foundational understanding of wines and business, have been a Consultant for at least 15 months, and have achieved individual goals for at least 50% of those months. Prepare Documentation: Develop a comprehensive business plan, including financial projections, market analysis, and a detailed explanation of how the grant or investment will be used. Submit Application: Contact Leoniea Domaines to submit your application for a grant or investment. Include all necessary documentation and a proposal outlining your business idea. Pitch Your Business: Be ready to present your business plan and vision to the investment team at Leoniea Domaines. This may involve pitching your concept and demonstrating your readiness to launch and manage your wine business. Follow Up: Maintain communication with Leoniea Domaines throughout the application process, providing additional information as required and collaborating on any adjustments to your business plan. By meeting the eligibility criteria and leveraging the support offered by Leoniea Domaines, you can build a solid foundation for starting and growing your own wine business.
  • What are the benefits of joining the program?
    Credits on wine purchases Access to exclusive wine events and tastings Opportunities to travel and learn about wines globally Potential for commissions and bonuses based on sales performance Career advancement opportunities within the company
  • What kind of internal positions can I apply for after certification?
    Sommelier Wine Sales Manager Wine Educator Wine Event Coordinator Wine Buyer Other specialized roles within the company’s wine division.
  • How can joining this program help me start my own wine business?
    Comprehensive Wine Knowledge and Training In-depth Education: By progressing through the different levels of the program (Ambassador, Affiliate, Consultant, Sales Representative, Sommelier), you will gain a robust understanding of wine varieties, regions, tasting techniques, and pairing principles. WSET Certification: After reaching Level 3, you'll be prepared to apply for the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certification, which is highly regarded in the wine industry. This certification will enhance your credibility and knowledge, crucial for starting your own wine business. Industry Experience and Networking Hands-on Experience: Through direct sales, tastings, and customer interactions, you'll acquire practical experience in the wine industry. Networking Opportunities: Attending events, tastings, and working with experienced professionals will help you build a network of industry contacts, including suppliers, distributors, and other wine enthusiasts, which is invaluable when starting your own business. Sales and Marketing Skills Sales Techniques: As a Sales Representative or Consultant, you'll learn effective sales strategies, customer service, and relationship management skills. Marketing Expertise: As an Ambassador or Affiliate, you'll develop skills in promoting wine products through social media, content creation, and community engagement, which are essential for marketing your own business. Business Acumen Understanding Market Dynamics: Working in different roles will give you insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive strategies. Financial Insights: Managing commissions, bonuses, and potentially overseeing small sales teams will help you understand the financial aspects of running a wine business. Brand Building and Personal Development Building a Personal Brand: As you grow within the Leoniea Domaines program, you'll establish yourself as a knowledgeable and trusted wine expert, which will help in building your own brand. Leadership Skills: Advanced roles such as Consultants and Sommeliers involve leading tastings, training staff, and providing expert advice, helping you develop the leadership skills needed to manage your own business. Access to Exclusive Resources and Products Exclusive Wines and Products: You'll have access to a range of high-quality wines and products, which can inspire your own product selection and offerings. Resource Library: The program provides access to a comprehensive online resource library, which includes educational materials, market research, and business development guides.
  • What kind of support and resources are available?
    Mentorship from experienced wine consultants Access to a comprehensive online resource library Regular training sessions and webinars Opportunities for networking and professional development
  • How do I apply for the WSET certification?
    After completing Level 3, you will receive guidance and support to apply for the WSET certification. This includes study materials, exam preparation sessions, and financial assistance for exam fees if applicable.
  • Do I need a liquor license or certification?
    Our Wine Consultants don’t need a liquor license. As a licensed winery, we accept orders and ship direct to consumers under certain state alcohol beverage laws. Leoniea Domaines adheres to all state and local wine compliance regulations regarding individual and household volume limitations, winery limits and labeling requirements. All required licenses are held by Leoniea Domaines with your particular state.
  • Can I run my business entirely online?
    Yes! With a multitude of resources at your fingertips, including your website, back-office training and social media tools, you can run your business efficiently and successfully from the comfort of home. You can offer Virtual Tastings to Hosts and market wines to friends, family and others through your website.
  • Differences Between Roles at Leoniea Domaines
    Leoniea Affiliates Role: Partner with Leoniea Domaines to promote wines through personal channels (blogs, websites, social media), earning a commission on sales made via affiliate links. Responsibilities: Share unique affiliate links through personal platforms. Create content, write reviews, and generate leads for Leoniea Domaines wines. Track and report on sales generated through their links. Compensation: Commission-based, earning a percentage of sales made through affiliate links. The commission rate is typically moderate compared to sales reps. Leoniea Ambassadors Role: Represent the Leoniea Domaines brand, increasing brand awareness and engaging with the community primarily through social media and events. Responsibilities: Promote Leoniea Domaines wines on social media. Attend and host events, showcasing Leoniea Domaines products. Engage with followers and potential customers, generating interest in the wines. Compensation: Typically includes perks, wine credits, and lower commissions compared to sales reps, based on sales generated through promotions. Hourly per scheduled event directly with Leoniea Domaines (IE: Wine Festivals) Leoniea Consultants Role: Provide in-depth wine knowledge and advisory services, guiding customers on wine selections, organizing tastings, and enhancing overall wine experience. Responsibilities: Conduct wine tastings and educational sessions. Advise customers on wine selections for various occasions. Stay updated with wine trends and product knowledge. Compensation: Combination of salary (if applicable) and commissions. The commission rate is typically moderate compared to sales reps, with additional earnings based on client engagement and educational services. Leoniea Sales Representatives Role: Focus strictly on direct sales, building relationships with retail stores, restaurants, and individual customers to drive sales of Leoniea Domaines wines. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain relationships with retailers, restaurants, and customers. Meet sales targets and generate revenue for Leoniea Domaines. Provide customer service and support to clients. Compensation: Strictly commission-based with exceptionally higher commission rates compared to ambassadors, affiliates, and consultants. Earnings are directly tied to sales performance, incentivizing higher sales volumes. Leoniea Sommeliers Role Certified wine professionals within Leoniea Domaines, specializing in wine service, pairing, and advanced wine knowledge, often working in high-end restaurants, hotels, or within the company. Responsibilities: Curate and manage wine lists for restaurants or events. Recommend wine pairings to enhance dining experiences. Conduct staff training on wine service and knowledge. Compensation: Generally salaried positions, with potential for tips, bonuses, and additional perks in high-end establishments. Sommeliers may also earn commissions or bonuses based on wine sales and customer satisfaction Summary of Key Differences at Leoniea Domaines Affiliates: Promote wines through personal channels, earning moderate commissions on sales via affiliate links. Ambassadors: Focus on brand promotion and community engagement through social media and events; compensated with perks, wine credits, lower tier commissions, and hourly (for events only). Consultants: Provide educational services and personalized wine advice, earning moderate commissions along with potential salary and bonuses for client engagement. Sales Representatives: Focus strictly on direct sales with higher commission rates, earning solely based on sales performance. Sommeliers: Certified professionals specializing in wine service and curation, typically salaried with additional potential for tips, bonuses, and commissions based on wine sales.
  • What is the role of a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines?
    As a brand ambassador, your role is to represent our brand and help us increase brand awareness, drive sales, and foster customer engagement. You will be an advocate for our products, sharing our story and values with your audience.
  • What are the criteria to become a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines?
    We consider factors such as social media following, content quality, engagement levels, and your ability to articulate our brand's story and values. We are looking for individuals who align with our target audience and have a genuine passion for wine and spirits.
  • What kind of support and resources will I receive as a brand ambassador?
    As a brand ambassador, you will receive comprehensive training on our brand's history, values, products, and key messaging. We will provide you with branded materials, such as product samples, promotional content, and photography. Additionally, we offer ongoing support through regular check-ins, Q&A sessions, and access to a dedicated point of contact within our company.
  • What are the responsibilities of a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines?
    Your responsibilities may include creating and sharing content, hosting tastings or events, participating in social media campaigns, and engaging with customers online. We will provide you with a detailed outline of your specific responsibilities upon selection.
  • What incentives and rewards are offered to brand ambassadors?
    We have developed an incentives and rewards system to motivate and recognize your efforts. This may include exclusive discounts, early access to new products, invitations to special events, and even commission-based incentives for driving sales.
  • How will the success of the Brand Ambassador Program be measured?
    The key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure the success of the Brand Ambassador Program for Leoniea Domaines may include: Social media reach: This KPI measures the overall audience reach of the brand ambassador's social media posts. It helps track the number of people exposed to the brand's message and content. Engagement rates: This KPI measures the level of interaction and engagement generated by the brand ambassador's social media content. It includes metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates, which indicate the effectiveness of their content in capturing audience attention and driving engagement. Website traffic: This KPI measures the number of website visitors who are referred from the brand ambassador's social media channels or specific campaigns. It indicates the extent to which the ambassador's efforts are driving traffic to the brand's website. Sales attributed to ambassador efforts: This KPI tracks the number of sales or conversions directly attributed to the brand ambassador's promotional activities. It helps assess the impact of the ambassador program on driving actual sales and revenue. Customer feedback and sentiment: This KPI involves monitoring customer feedback, reviews, and sentiment towards the brand and its products. It helps assess the overall customer perception and satisfaction, which can be influenced by the brand ambassador's interactions and advocacy. It's important to note that the specific KPIs used may vary depending on the program's objectives and the available tracking and analytics tools. Regularly evaluating these KPIs will provide insights into the program's effectiveness and guide any necessary adjustments to maximize its impact.
  • How can I apply to become a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines?
    To apply, please visit our website at and navigate to the brand ambassador section. You will find the application form and further instructions on how to apply.
  • What's the difference between the Brand Ambassador, Brand Affiliate, and Sales Rep with Leoniea Domaines?
    As a Brand Ambassador at Leoniea Domaines, your primary role is to represent and promote our brand at various events and engage with consumers, industry professionals, and potential customers. You will educate them about our products, share their unique features and qualities, and create brand awareness. Brand Ambassadors are focused on building positive relationships and creating memorable experiences to enhance our brand reputation. Ambassadors are compensated per hour at events AND comission for any sales made outside of events. On the other hand, a Brand Affiliate is typically an individual or organization that partners with Leoniea Domaines to promote our products and earn commission on sales generated through their referral efforts. Brand Affiliates leverage their own networks, social media platforms, or dedicated websites to drive traffic and sales to our brand. They receive a commission based on the sales they generate, often using unique referral codes or links. Affiliates typically do not work events. A Sales Representative with Leoniea Domaines is responsible for actively selling our products to retailers, distributors, and other business partners. They play a crucial role in developing and maintaining relationships with these stakeholders, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the smooth distribution and availability of our products in the market. Sales Reps focus on achieving sales targets, building partnerships, and driving growth for Leoniea Domaines. Sales reps may or may not attend and work events. While all three roles contribute to the success of our brand, their specific responsibilities and focus areas differ. Brand Ambassadors primarily engage with consumers at events and sometimes online, Brand Affiliates drive sales through their own networks, and Sales Reps focus on selling to businesses and maintaining strong partnerships. Each role has its unique set of objectives and strategies to contribute to the overall success of Leoniea Domaines. If you have any further questions or would like more information about these roles, please don't hesitate to ask.
  • How specifically and exactly will the brand ambassadors be different from the sales reps?
    A sales representative, as described in the job description, focuses primarily on promoting and selling a company's products, in this case, wines, to potential clients within a designated territory. Sales representatives are responsible for meeting or exceeding sales targets, developing relationships with clients, and identifying new sales opportunities. On the other hand, brand ambassadors have a broader scope of responsibilities. While they may also engage in sales activities, their primary role is to represent and promote the brand itself, rather than focusing solely on product sales. Brand ambassadors are responsible for embodying the brand's values, creating brand awareness, and fostering positive relationships with customers. Brand ambassadors often work in collaboration with the sales team and marketing department to develop and execute brand promotion strategies, engage in product demonstrations, and participate in events and tastings. They may also contribute to content creation, such as social media posts or blog articles, to enhance brand visibility. In summary, the main difference lies in the focus of the roles. Sales representatives primarily concentrate on product sales, while brand ambassadors have a broader responsibility of representing and promoting the overall brand, including its values, reputation, and customer experience.
  • Are brand ambassadors paid?
    Yes, as brand ambassadors for Leoniea Domaines, our ambassadors are compensated for their work. We understand the value and expertise that our brand ambassadors bring to the table, and we believe in fairly compensating them for their time, dedication, and contribution to promoting our exceptional wines. The specific details of the compensation, such as rates, terms, and any additional benefits, will be discussed during the selection process and outlined in the agreement between the brand ambassador and Leoniea Domaines.
  • What are a few of the exclusive perks and benefits brand ambassadors for Leoniea Domaines receive?
    As a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines, there are several exclusive perks and benefits that you can enjoy. These perks are designed to enhance your experience and provide additional value as you represent the brand: Product Discounts: As a brand ambassador, you may have access to exclusive discounts on Leoniea Domaines' products. This allows you to purchase the wines at a reduced price, enabling you to enjoy and experience the brand's offerings at a more affordable rate. Sampling and Tastings: You may have the opportunity to participate in exclusive sampling and tasting events. These events provide a chance to explore and familiarize yourself with the different wines in Leoniea Domaines' portfolio. It allows you to deepen your knowledge and passion for the brand, enhancing your ability to effectively promote and represent the products. Training and Education: Leoniea Domaines may provide specialized training and educational resources for brand ambassadors. This can include workshops, webinars, or training materials that focus on wine knowledge, sales techniques, and brand messaging. These resources help you become a more knowledgeable and effective ambassador, enabling you to communicate the unique qualities of Leoniea Domaines' wines to potential customers. Networking Opportunities: As a brand ambassador, you may have access to exclusive networking events or communities. These opportunities allow you to connect with other ambassadors, industry professionals, and wine enthusiasts. Networking can provide valuable insights, support, and collaboration opportunities, contributing to your personal and professional growth. Recognition and Incentives: Leoniea Domaines may recognize and reward outstanding performance from brand ambassadors. This can include incentives such as bonuses, special recognition at events, or exclusive trips or experiences. These rewards serve as motivation for achieving sales targets and can further enhance your overall experience as a brand ambassador. It is important to note that these exclusive perks and benefits may vary and are subject to the specific program and guidelines established by Leoniea Domaines. It is advisable to consult with the Leoniea Domaines team or refer to the brand ambassador program materials for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the perks and benefits available to you as a representative of the brand.
  • What is the starting compensation for Brand Ambassadors?
    As a Brand Ambassador at Leoniea Domaines, we offer a competitive compensation package that recognizes your contributions and aligns with our commitment to attracting and retaining top talent. Here is a breakdown of the compensation package: Event Pay: Brand Ambassadors will receive a starting rate of $20 per hour for events and promotional activities. This rate may vary depending on the specific event and duration. Sales Commission: Brand Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn additional income through sales commissions. Starting at 5%-10%, commissions are based on sales generated outside of events. For those interested in pursuing a sales representative position, higher commission rates are available. Campaign Incentives: Brand Ambassadors will receive a starting rate of $100 per campaign. This incentive is provided for successful completion of specific promotional campaigns. Holiday and Birthday Bonus: We value our Brand Ambassadors and want to acknowledge important milestones. As a token of appreciation, you will receive a 10% bonus on your earnings during the month of your birthday and during the holiday season. Please note that the compensation package listed are only the starting rates and is subject to review and may be adjusted based on individual performance, market conditions, and company policies. We believe in rewarding our Brand Ambassadors for their dedication and contribution to the success of Leoniea Domaines. If you have any further questions or would like more details about the compensation package, please feel free to reach out.
  • Can I move from brand ambassador to sales rep?
    Certainly! At Leoniea Domaines, we encourage growth and development within our team. If you are a brand ambassador and express interest in transitioning into a sales representative role, we would consider your request based on various factors, including your performance, skills, and qualifications. Transitioning from a brand ambassador to a sales representative can be a natural progression, as both roles require a strong understanding of our wines, excellent communication skills, and the ability to build relationships with customers. Additionally, your experience as a brand ambassador can provide valuable insights and knowledge that can be applied to sales activities. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of transitioning to a sales representative role, we recommend expressing your interest to your supervisor or the human resources department. They will guide you through the internal processes and provide you with further information regarding potential opportunities, requirements, and any additional training or qualifications that may be necessary for the role. Please note that any transition would be subject to the availability of open positions, company needs, and your qualifications. We value the growth and development of our team members and will consider all requests on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that it aligns with the best interests of both the individual and the company. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to your role as a brand ambassador, and we will gladly explore opportunities for your professional growth within Leoniea Domaines.
  • Will I have the freedom to choose my own schedule?
    Absolutely, as a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines, you will have some flexibility in choosing your schedule for certain activities. However, it's important to note that there may be specific events or assignments where you will need to adhere to the guidelines and schedule provided by Leoniea Domaines. For events, if you are selected to represent Leoniea Domaines, you will be provided with all the necessary details and guidelines regarding that specific event. This includes the scheduled time, location, dress code, and any other relevant information. It's crucial to follow these guidelines to ensure a seamless and successful representation of our brand at the event. Outside of these event-specific commitments, you may have more flexibility in managing your schedule. This can include activities such as engaging on social media, creating content, conducting tastings, or participating in training sessions. You will have the opportunity to coordinate and plan these activities in a way that aligns with your availability and the goals set by Leoniea Domaines. Overall, we strive to provide a balance between flexibility and fulfilling the commitments associated with representing Leoniea Domaines. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the brand, and we will work together to ensure that your schedule allows for both professional growth and successful brand representation.
  • Do I HAVE to use the ID key or Promo Code for my sale to count?
    In order for a brand ambassador to receive credit for a sale, it is important to use the designated ID key or promo code. These unique identifiers help us accurately attribute sales to the efforts of our brand ambassadors, ensuring that they receive proper recognition and compensation for their contributions. Furthermore, we also track promotional activity and engagement through the use of specific hashtags. By using the provided hashtags in your social media posts or other promotional content, we can monitor and measure the reach and impact of your efforts. This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our brand ambassador program and make informed decisions about future strategies and campaigns. Using the ID key or promo code and incorporating the designated hashtags in your promotional activities helps us track and analyze the success of your efforts, as well as showcase the impact you are making as a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines. If you have any further questions or need additional clarification on the use of ID keys, promo codes, or hashtags, please don't hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or the brand management team. They will be able to provide you with the necessary guidance and support to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of your brand ambassador activities.
  • Will I be able to track my commissions in real-time?
    At Leoniea Domaines, we are committed to providing timely commission updates for our brand ambassadors. We understand the importance of prompt and accurate commission tracking. To align with our commitment to transparency and efficiency, we aim to update commissions within 24 hours of a successful sale. However, we also strive to expedite this process as much as possible. In many cases, brand ambassadors can expect to see their commissions updated within 1 hour of a successful sale. We appreciate the value of real-time commission tracking and want to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information regarding your commissions. Our systems and processes are designed to facilitate efficient commission calculations and provide timely updates. If you have any further questions or concerns about commission tracking or the timing of updates, please feel free to reach out to the relevant individuals or departments in our organization. They will be able to provide you with further details and support regarding commission tracking and payment processes. Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your dedication and contributions as a brand ambassador for Leoniea Domaines.
  • What is the purpose of the contest?
    The contest aims to find an artist to create the summer wine bottle art for Leoniea Domaines. Through this initiative, we also seek to raise funds for the "Unhoused but still human" initiative, which supports individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • What is the "Unhoused, but still human" initiative?
    The "Unhoused, but still human" initiative is a program dedicated to providing support and resources to individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. Through this initiative, we aim to raise awareness about the challenges faced by unhoused individuals and advocate for solutions to address homelessness. Our efforts include providing essential services such as access to shelter, food, healthcare, and employment assistance, as well as implementing long-term solutions to help individuals transition out of homelessness and regain stability in their lives. By recognizing the inherent dignity and humanity of all individuals, regardless of their housing status, we strive to create a more compassionate and inclusive community for everyone. You can learn more at:
  • How does the contest work?
    Artists will submit their art and proposals for consideration. Members of the public can vote for their favorite submissions, with each vote contributing one dollar towards the fundraising efforts for the "Unhoused but still human" initiative. The artist with the most votes by April 17th will win the grand prize valued over $65,000 and will be hired to work with Leoniea Domaines on a commissioned project in May.
  • How are votes counted and ensured to be ethical?
    Each vote is equivalent to one dollar, which will be securely processed to prevent abuse or manipulation. To maintain integrity, votes will be monitored to ensure they are genuine and not generated by bots. This ensures that the contest remains fair and transparent.
  • What are the submission requirements for artists?
    Artists may submit their artwork physically, securely fixed to a wine bottle. Digital submissions are not accepted to maintain the authenticity of the contest. Each submission must be accompanied by a video showing the creation process, which will be time-lapsed, along with a written proposal.
  • Can artists submit more than once?
    No, each artist may only submit one entry to the contest. This rule ensures fairness and gives all participants an equal opportunity to showcase their creativity.
  • Why do I have to pay for my vote?
    The voting process involves a nominal fee to ensure the integrity of the contest. By requiring a payment for each vote, we can prevent fraudulent or automated votes, ensuring that the contest results accurately reflect the preferences of genuine participants. Furthermore, the funds raised through voting directly contribute to supporting the "Unhoused but still human" initiative, making each vote a meaningful contribution towards a worthy cause.
  • Is there a fee to enter the contest?
    No, there is no fee to enter the contest. Participation in the contest is free for all artists. We believe in providing an inclusive opportunity for artists to showcase their talent and contribute to a meaningful cause without financial barriers.
  • What happens to my work after I submit it?
    After submitting your artwork for the contest, it will be reviewed by the judging panel and showcased to the public for voting. If your submission receives the highest number of votes and wins the contest, you will be awarded the grand prize and have the opportunity to collaborate with Leoniea Domaines on a commissioned project. Your artwork may also be featured in promotional materials related to the contest and the subsequent collaboration. If your submission does not win, you retain ownership of your artwork and may choose to exhibit it independently or explore other opportunities for showcasing your talent.
  • When will I know if my submission is approved?
    Submissions will be reviewed by our team shortly after they are received;no more than 72 hours. You will be notified via email once your submission has been approved and is eligible for voting. Please ensure that you provide accurate contact information to receive updates regarding the status of your submission.
  • How can I earn votes for my submission?
    There are several ways to earn votes for your submission by using your profile link that will be provided to you upon approval to participate. Share your artwork and the details of the contest with your friends, family, and social media networks to encourage them to vote for your entry. Engage with your audience by sharing behind-the-scenes footage of your creative process, promoting the contest through your online platforms, and encouraging others to support the cause. Every vote contributes to both your chances of winning the contest and the fundraising efforts for the "Unhoused but still human" initiative.
  • When will the winner be announced?
    The winner of the contest will be announced shortly after the voting period ends on April 17th. Once all votes have been tallied and verified, the winner will be notified via email and announced publicly on our website and social media channels. The grand prize winner will also have the opportunity to collaborate with Leoniea Domaines on a commissioned project, with further details to be provided following the announcement.
  • Can I promote my submission on social media?
    Yes, we encourage participants to promote their submissions on social media platforms to garner support and votes. Sharing your artwork and the details of the contest with your followers can help increase visibility and engagement with your submission piece.
  • Is there a limit to the number of votes I can receive?
    We encourage all to vote mindfully. There is no limit to the number of votes you can receive. Encourage your supporters to vote as many times as they wish to increase your chances of winning the contest and supporting the "Unhoused but still human" initiative.
  • How can I track the progress of the contest and the number of votes I've received?
    Regular updates on the progress of the contest, including the current vote counts and standings, will be provided on our website and social media channels. Participants can also track their individual vote counts and monitor their submission's performance through their contestant dashboard, accessible after submitting their entry.
  • What happens if there is a tie in the voting results?
    In the event of a tie in the voting results, the judging panel will review the tied submissions and determine the winner based on criteria such as artistic merit, creativity, and adherence to the contest guidelines. The decision of the judging panel will be final.
  • Will my submission be credited if it is used for promotional purposes?
    Yes, if your submission is used for promotional purposes, you will be credited as the artist. We value and respect the creative contributions of all participants and will ensure proper acknowledgment of your work in any promotional materials related to the contest. You retain ownership of your submission.
  • Can I participate in the contest if my relative works for Leoniea Inc?
    Unfortunately, no. Officers, directors, managers, and employees of Leoniea Domaines (the “Sponsor”), and each of its respective parents, subsidiaries, franchisees, affiliates, and related companies, along with their advertising and promotion agencies, consultants, and agents, are not eligible to participate. This also extends to immediate family members and individuals living in the same household as these employees. Immediate family members include spouses, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers, or brothers-in-law. This eligibility restriction is in place to ensure fairness and impartiality in the contest. We appreciate your understanding.
  • I am 16 years old, why can't I participate?
    We appreciate your interest in participating in the contest. However, due to legal restrictions and requirements, participants must be at least 18 years old to enter. This limitation ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding contests and giveaways. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will consider participating in future contests once you meet the age requirement. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Can I volunteer for the initiative even if I don't want to participate in the art project?
    Absolutely! We welcome volunteers who are passionate about supporting our initiative and making a positive impact in the community. Whether you're interested in assisting with fundraising efforts, event coordination, outreach programs, or other aspects of our initiative, your support is invaluable. Please reach out to our team for more information on volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved. We appreciate your willingness to contribute to our cause!
  • How does Léoniea ensure the quality of their wines?
    We have a team of experienced winemakers who carefully monitor the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure the quality and consistency of our wines.
  • Is Léoniea's vineyard sustainable?
    Yes, our vineyard is committed to sustainable farming practices. We use cover crops, natural pest management, and conserve water to minimize our environmental impact.
  • What is the harvest season for Léoniea's grapes?
    The harvest season typically runs from August through October, depending on weather conditions and grape maturity.
  • Are Léoniea wines aged in oak barrels?
    Yes, we use high-quality oak barrels to age our wines and impart subtle flavors and aromas. Some wines use Stainless Steel vats. This helps preserve the wine's freshness, vibrant fruit flavors, and natural acidity.
  • Does Léoniea offer wine club memberships?
    Yes, we have a wine club that offers exclusive access to our wines and vineyard events. Please visit our wine club page for more information.
  • Can I insert an image, video, or GIF in my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Create a new FAQ or edit an existing one 3. From the answer text box click on the video, image or GIF icon 4. Add media from your library and save.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • How often will I receive shipments as a wine club member?
    As a wine club member, you can choose from quarterly, bi-annual, annual, or "As you wish" shipments.
  • What is included in each shipment?
    Each shipment includes a selection of our hand-picked wines, chosen by our expert team
  • How much will each shipment cost?
    The cost of each shipment depends on the membership option you choose, as well as the cost of the wines, tax, and shipping. Prices start at $200 per shipment for quarterly members, $300 for bi-annual members, $500 for annual members, and $100 for "As you wish" members (with a minimum purchase of 3 cases per order).
  • Can I customize my wine club shipments?
    Yes, we offer customization options for wine club members. Simply let us know your preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
  • What are the benefits of joining the wine club?
    Wine club members receive exclusive access to our limited-release wines, as well as discounts on all purchases made through our website. Members also receive invitations to special events and tastings.
  • How do I cancel my wine club membership?
    To cancel your membership, simply contact our customer service team at least 30 days before your next shipment is due to be sent. Please note that membership fees are non-refundable.
  • Can I skip a shipment and receive it in the next round?
    Yes, you can skip a shipment and it will be moved to the next scheduled shipment. However, please note that membership fees are automatic and non-refundable, and wines will not roll over (IE: you will not receive 6 bottles instead of 3).
  • What is the difference between purchasing wine and joining the wine club?
    Purchasing wine is a one-time transaction while joining the wine club means paying a separate, non-refundable membership fee to gain access to exclusive pricing, events, and other perks. Non-member purchases do not have access to these benefits.
  • Do you offer rewards for wine club members?
    Yes, we offer a rewards program for all of our customers, including wine club members. Non-Members earn 1 point for every bottle of wine purchased and can redeem their points for credits on future orders. VIP wine club members earn 3x the rewards for every bottle purchased! It's just one more way we show our appreciation for our most loyal customers.
  • Do you sell to businesses/Can a business be a member?
    We aim to innovatively collaborate. While we cannot accept every offer, we are open to the idea. Send us an email at *Please put "Corporate Membership" in the subject box.
  • Where is Léoniea's vineyard located?
    Léoniea's vineyards are located in several regions, including Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, and Michigan (USA).
  • Does Léoniea offer wine club memberships?
    Yes, we have a wine club that offers exclusive access to our wines and vineyard events. Please visit our wine club page for more information.
  • Can my membership help my business credit?
    Privé memberships are invite only. As a Privé member of our Wine Directory, you have the opportunity to leverage our partnership with Intenovate Inc to establish or enhance your business's business credit. Through this collaboration, we provide access to resources and services that can support your credit-building efforts. By utilizing the expertise and tools offered by Intenovate Inc, you can develop a solid credit profile for your business, enabling you to secure favorable financing options, establish vendor relationships, and strengthen your overall financial standing. Please note that the specific details and offerings related to this partnership with Intenovate Inc can be found by contacting our customer support team. They will be able to provide you with comprehensive information and guide you through the process of utilizing this benefit as a Privé member.
  • What is the Wine Industry Directory?
    The Wine Industry Directory is a comprehensive online platform that serves as a centralized hub for professionals and businesses operating within the wine industry. It is designed to connect individuals, organizations, and resources, fostering networking opportunities, collaboration, and growth within the wine community. It is the central hub for Vinélevé In the Wine Industry Directory, you will find a diverse range of professionals, including winemakers, vineyard owners, distributors, retailers, sommeliers, and more. Additionally, you can explore information about wineries, vineyards, wine-related events, and industry suppliers. The directory aims to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date database that covers various aspects of the wine industry. The Wine Industry Directory offers numerous benefits for individuals and businesses within the wine industry. By joining the directory, you can enhance your visibility, connect with like-minded professionals, discover potential clients or customers, and stay informed about industry trends and news. The platform provides a valuable resource to expand your network, explore new opportunities, and promote your products or services. The Wine Industry Directory welcomes both established professionals and newcomers to the wine industry. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting your journey, the directory provides a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration. It supports professionals at all stages of their careers by facilitating connections and providing access to valuable resources and insights. Joining the Wine Industry Directory is a simple process. You can visit our website and navigate to the membership section to create an account. Fill out the required information, and once your account is approved, you will gain access to the directory's features and benefits. There are membership fees associated, which contribute to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the directory.
  • What is included with my membership?
    Your membership grants you access to a diverse community of wine industry professionals, networking opportunities, exclusive events, industry insights, and resources to enhance your professional growth and visibility within the wine industry. Additionally, you will have your own, dedicated, profile publicly displayed.
  • Why is there a Membership Fee?
    The membership fee helps support the operational costs of maintaining the Wine Directory platform, ensuring its continuous improvement and providing valuable services to our members.
  • What are the benefits of joining the Wine Directory?
    By joining the Wine Directory, you gain networking opportunities, increased visibility within the industry, access to potential clients and customers, enhanced professional reputation, and the chance to contribute to community building through our charitable initiatives.
  • What Charities & Initiatives does Leoniea Domaines support?
    At Leoniea Domaines, we are committed to making a positive impact. We support various charities and initiatives focused on community development, sustainability, and social empowerment. Our specific supported charities and initiatives can be found on our website. Some of the charities and initiatives we support are: Vinélevé : a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to building a diverse and empowered community within the wine industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap, ensuring inclusivity for all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or background. Through strategic investments in wine-related ventures, we drive innovation and create career opportunities. Our comprehensive support system includes career placement, advancement programs, and networking opportunities, enabling professionals to thrive. We also champion accessibility by assisting industry professionals in becoming ADA compliant, making the wine industry a truly enjoyable experience for all. Catch A Falling Start Foundation : Our commitment is unwavering. We pledge to continue driving positive change through action and perseverance. Our dedication to raising awareness, investing in the community, and making a meaningful impact is steadfast. Our commitment is the driving force behind our work, and it defines our path toward a brighter future. Business, Brains & Beauty Entrepreneurship Grant and Scholarship Fund : Beauty, Brains & Business™ invests in the professional advancement and career growth of high-potential, professional women who are often underrepresented in leadership positions. Recipients have the option of using the funds for school or their businesses. Unhoused, But Still Human : This initiative aims to provide shelter, support, and dignity to those facing homelessness. Our efforts include providing essential services such as access to shelter, food, healthcare, and employment assistance, as well as implementing long-term solutions to help individuals transition out of homelessness and regain stability in their lives. Unbound- Freedom From Trafficking: Every year, millions of loved ones are sold into modern-day slavery, and their voices are silenced. We work tirelessly to fight against human trafficking and help those who have been affected by it. And more.
  • What is the process for connecting with other members?
    The Wine Directory platform provides various features for connecting with other members, including messaging capabilities, discussion forums, and networking events. You can reach out to other members directly through the platform to initiate connections and collaborations.
  • How can I update my profile information?
    You can easily update your profile information by logging into your account on the Wine Directory platform and navigating to the profile settings. From there, you can edit and save any changes to your profile.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    While we understand circumstances may change, please note that memberships are non-refundable. However, you can choose not to renew your membership at the end of your membership term.
  • Are there any additional fees or charges?
    The membership fee is the only regular fee associated with your membership. However, there may be additional charges for optional services or events offered within the Wine Directory. These charges will be clearly communicated before you opt-in for any additional services.
  • How can I contact customer support?
    If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team can be reached via email or through the contact form on our website. We strive to respond promptly and resolve any queries or issues you may have.
  • Is my personal information secure?
    Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of our members. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information and ensure confidentiality. You can refer to our privacy policy for more details on how we handle and safeguard your data.
  • What happens if I forget my login credentials?
    If you forget your login credentials, you can use the password reset option on the login page. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your account, allowing you to set a new password and regain access to your account.
  • Can I upgrade my membership to a higher tier?
    At this time, we offer Gold memberships to the public and Privé memberships are exclusively available through invitation only. While we do not currently have multiple membership tiers, we are always working to enhance our offerings. In the future, we may introduce additional membership options to cater to different preferences and needs. We encourage you to stay updated with our latest announcements and developments to explore potential upgrades or new membership tiers that may become available. If you have any further questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.
  • Are there any discounts available for long-term memberships?
    While we do not currently offer specific discounts for long-term memberships, we are committed to providing value to our members in various ways. As a member of our Wine Directory, you can benefit from preferred pricing on all of our products, services, and events if you are a Wine Societe or Privé member. Our Privé memberships are available by invitation only, granting exclusive access to discounts and special offers from us and our partners. We continuously assess our pricing structure to ensure that our members receive the best value for their membership investment. If you have any further questions or would like more information about the benefits of our memberships, please feel free to contact our customer support team.
  • Terms & Conditions
    Memberships: By becoming a member of our wine directory, you agree to pay an annual membership fee of $300, which will be divided into monthly payments of $25 USD. Please note that all membership fees are non-refundable, as they contribute to our ethical operations, charitable commitments, and fair compensation for our staff who manage member profiles. It is important to understand that membership is a 12-month commitment, and in the event of a cancellation, members are still responsible for the full annual fee. Disclaimer of Liability: Leoniea Inc. will not be held responsible for any actions, interactions, or transactions that occur between users of the directory page. The directory serves as a platform for industry professionals to connect, but Leoniea Inc. does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or quality of the information provided by the professionals listed on the directory. Users are advised to exercise their own judgment and due diligence when engaging with professional Accuracy of Information: Leoniea Inc.strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on the directory page. However, it cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided by professionals. It is the responsibility of the professionals to ensure the accuracy of their contact details, credentials, qualifications, and other relevant information. Leoniea Inc. reserves the right to remove or edit any inaccurate or misleading information from the directory. User Conduct: Users of the directory page are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. Any inappropriate, offensive, or misleading content or behavior will not be tolerated. Leoniea Inc. reserves the right to remove any listings or user-generated content that violates these guidelines or disrupts the integrity of the directory page. Third-Party Websites and Services: The directory page may contain links to third-party websites or services. Leoniea Inc. is not responsible for the content, privacy policies, or practices of these third-party sites. Users are encouraged to review the terms and policies of any external websites or services they visit through the directory page. Privacy and Data Protection: Leoniea Inc. respects the privacy of its users and complies with applicable data protection laws. Personal information submitted by professionals for listing on the directory page will be handled in accordance with Leoniea Inc.' privacy policy. However, Leoniea Inc. cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted over the internet and is not liable for any unauthorized access to or use of personal information. Modifications and Termination: Leoniea Inc. reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the directory page or any part thereof, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. It may also modify these disclaimer and policies from time to time. Users are encouraged to review the latest version of the disclaimer and policies regularly. By using the directory page on Leoniea Inc's website, users acknowledge and agree to abide by these disclaimers and policies.

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