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Women in Wine to Know

A Growing Directory

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"I fell in love with wine over a quarter-century ago, and I have never fallen out of love. Every bottle of wine is an opportunity to learn something. But wine is only part of the learning. Along the way, wine gets tangled up with history, geography, culture, literature, language, art, chemistry, geology, photography. The tangle and the learning are endless"​

 Kirsten Georgi, The Armchair Sommelier

Leoniea Domaines is immensely grateful for your unwavering love and support for our wines. Your loyalty has been the driving force behind our passion for crafting excellent wine experiences. We want to shine a spotlight on other remarkable women in the wine industry who may also deserve your support and recognition. These trailblazers have made significant contributions, breaking barriers and shaping the future of the wine world.

We're excited to introduce you to these inspiring women and share their stories of resilience, creativity, and innovation. But we need your help too! If you know of any exceptional women in the wine industry who should be on our radar, please let us know. We are committed to creating a comprehensive directory that includes the voices of all deserving women in wine.

Together, let's raise a glass and honor the powerhouses of the wine industry. Stay tuned for our upcoming features, where we will showcase the extraordinary talent and passion that these women bring to the world of wine.

Women in Wine

  • Terah Bajjalieh - Owner and winemaker of Terah Wine Co. in Lodi, California

  • Nicole Walsh - Owner and winemaker of Ser winery in Santa Cruz, California

  • Alice Sutro - Winemaker and owner of Sutro Wine Co. in Healdsburg, California

  • Theodoro R. Lee - Winemaker and owner of Theopolis Vineyard in Mendocino, California

  • Milla Handley - Founder of Handley Cellars in Anderson Valley, California. Her daughter, Lulu, now runs the winery

  • Janell Dusi - Owner and winemaker of J Dusi Wines in Paso Robles, California

  • Vailia From - Owner and winemaker of Desperada winery in Paso Robles, California

  • Nicole Pope - Winemaker and owner of Stolo Vineyards in Cambria, California

  • Mireia Taribó and Tara Gomez - Owners and winemakers of Camins 2 Dreams in Lompoc, California

  • Marvina Robinson is founder and winemaker at B. Stuyvesant Champagne.

  • McBride Sisters Wine Collection: The largest WOC-owned wine company in the United States, founded by sisters Robin and Andréa McBride

  • Aslina Wines: South Africa's first WOC-owned winery, founded by Ntsiki Biyela

  •  Julia Coney. Coney is a wine journalist, speaker, and consultant. She is also the founder of a POC Wine Professionals organization, "Black Wine Professionals", a non-profit organization that supports WOC in the wine industry.

  • Stephanie Warthen is the passionate founder of "Black Women Who Are Proud Wine Snobs," an inspired community born from annual gatherings with friends in California's Wine Country.

  •  Cheramie Wine, a Black-owned winery in California. Law is a self-taught winemaker who has broken down barriers in the industry. She is also a mentor to other WOC in the wine industry.

  • Tahiirah Habibi is the founder of Hue Society, a wine club that celebrates the diversity of the wine world. Habibi is also the co-founder of The Roots Fund, a non-profit organization that provides financial support to Black and Indigenous winemakers.

  • Shayla Varnado is the dedicated Founder and CEO of "Black Girls Wine ™," a vibrant community that celebrates Black women and wine lovers.

  • Regine Rousseau is the founder of Shall We Wine, a wine education company that focuses on diversity and inclusion. Rousseau is a certified sommelier and wine educator.

  •  Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, Founder and CEO of Léoniea Domaines, Let’s Wine About it, and Deesse du Vin, focuses not only on producing excellent wines, but ethical advertising and community thriving.


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